Graduate Studies

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Here is an up-to-date list of the research topics being covered by the School's faculty members; if you are interested in graduate studies and research in this area, please feel free to contact the faculty member concerned.

Ali Arya
Audrey Girouard
Chris Joslin
Ashraf Matrawy
Omair Shafiq
Wei Shi
Chris Smelser
Robert Teather
Richard Yu
Human-Computer Interaction
Game Design, Development and Interactions
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Animation, Virtual Environments, and Simulation
Video/Image Processing and Compression
Medical Imaging and Applications
Mutlimedia Streaming
Computer Networks (Planning, Design, Architecture)
Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Security
Data Privacy
Big Data Analytics
Data Modelling
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Network security (threat modelling, blockchain, usabile security)
Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
Non-linear Optics
Optical Components
Optical Sensing
Laser Applications (machining, fibre)